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What's Inside My Travel Bag!!

What's Inside My Travel Bag!!



Travelling is one of my favorite past times. I try to leave the country a few times a year. When I can't leave the country, I try to travel cross country or at least somewhere out of NYC. One thing I hate doing is checking a bag onto the flight. I don't like the extra fees, the additional time in the airport, and the risk of losing my belongings (NOT FUN!). I almost always travel with a backpack.

These are some of the things you would find in my travel backpack at any given time:

1. The Backpack. This is one of my favorite backpacks. It's a faux leather backpack from Urban Outfitters with just enough compartments. It's comfy, spacious and snazzy. 

2. Phone charger. Super important to always have a charger on hand. 

3. Headphones. How else will I tune out the crying baby I'm always seated next to?

4. Spare Shoes (Birkenstocks). If I'm going somewhere with a temperature change, I like to be able to change shoes and get weather appropriate. I also like wearing Birks to the airport because it's easy to slip them off to go thru security. 

5. Journal. I try to always have something to scribble in, doodle, or just ramble.

6. Polaroid Camera. Polaroid cameras are fun for every journey. Instant prints are fun to give away too!

7. A Good Book. Reading feels so ancient these days, having a book on hand is a nice past time when you find a cute coffee shop. Currently I'm between a few books, but I'm walking with "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life"



8. Prayer Beads. I am not a devout Buddhist but I am still spiritual. I don't need to walk with beads all the time, but if I remember, I travel with them. NAM MYO HO RENGE KYO!

9. Rubix Cube. This helps with my anxiety. Sometimes I get random instances of anxiousness and my Rubix cube is a happy and calming item that helps with that.  

10. Film or DSLR Camera. I try not to walk with too many cameras but a film or DSLR will always be in my bag. This time I'm walking with a 35mm Nikon f3.


11. Sunglasses. I make sure to pack sunglasses especially when I'm going somewhere that's really sunny or somewhere I'd end up driving. 


12.Eyeglasses. I almost never leave home without my glasses. But I always have an extra pair in my bag in the event of an emergency. These are my favorite, they are Warby Parker.

13. Sharpie/Pen. I date my polaroids instantly. I always have a sharpie on hand for that sole purpose. Sometimes I walk with an additional pen for journaling or doodling.

14. Mascara. I don't use mascara daily but I always travel with it. My lashes tangle easily and its a bonus that it helps me not look as tired :) Nyx is one of my fave mascaras!


15. Bracelets. I take my bracelets off before I get to the airport to make security checks easier but I also usually have a stack in my bag. Typically I carry earth tones and blacks because they can go with anything I wear.  


16. Pin. I got a new camera pin! It had to come along. It's a new fave. 



-Allergy meds. Can't leave home without 'em.


-Neck Pillow.

Packing light can be a huge challenge for me but I'm trying to limit my backpack essentials. I am hoping to get this list to under 10 items. Wish me luck! Feel free to give me pointers of minimizing my life/travel bag.

What are some of the things you always carry that I didn't pack? 







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